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Internet Specials

Stierwalt’s Strategy for Success: Showmanship DVD picture STIERWALTS' SHOMANSHIP VIDEO
Show Like A Pro - Stierwalt's Strategy for Succes.
This showmanship video teachs you how to present your animal and bring out its best characteristics. In short, showmanship is the ability to present your animal and bring out its best characteristics. However, there is much more to it than that. Broken into three parts: At Home, At the Show and Time to Show, this DVD features tips and tools from Kirk Stierwalt that will help you find success on show day.
Walking Halter, Large picture Weaver Walking Halter
Designed specifically for use with a mechanical lamb/goat walker, this 3/4" doubled and stitched black nylon halter features a dee ring at the top of the nose for easy lead attachment and correct head positioning. We suggest pairing these halters with our Adjustable Walking Lead or Bungee Walking Lead for best results. Nickel plated hardware.

Small $14.95
Medium $14.95
Large $14.95
Bungee Walking Tie picture WEAVER BUNGEE LEAD
An industry first, this premium bungee lead stretches and retracts to allow proper head positioning and a more natural gait when used with our Walking Halters and a mechanical goat/lamb walker. With 225 snaps at both ends for easy on and off, this lead features 1" elastic covered with 1-3/16" blaze orange nylon for enhanced visibility. Webbing measures 18-1/4" at rest and 23" fully extended. Nickel plated hardware.


Adjustable Walking Tie picture WEAVER ADJUSTABLE LEAD 
Convenient design precisely adjusts for attaching our Walking Halters to a mechanical goat/lamb walker at a length that ensures the animal’s head is at just the right height. Economical lead is constructed from 1" black nylon that adjusts from 8-1/2" L to 13" L with 225 swivel snaps at both ends for easy on and off. Nickel plated hardware.

Super Buy
Buy 2 gallons of E-Z All Body Wash
Get a free Weaver Foamer
2 Gallons 69.95



*Heavy-duty motor - totally enclosed, thermally protected, pre-lubricated ball bearings. Maintenance free motor.

*Specially designed fan guard allows the most air. Safe non-restrictive fan guards.

*Black powder coated fan guard. Protection that will last.

*Precision 3 wing aluminum fan blade.

*8' Cord with switch.

1/2 hp, 115/230 volts, 4.8/2.4 amps, 1725 rpm.

Sale Price $249.95

Deluxe Sheep or Goat Trimming Stand
*Adjustable Neck
* Lightweight easy to carry
*50" long x 20 1/2" wide x 18 1/2' tall
See More Information here

PRICE -$199.95

New Weaver Leather Show Sticks 

High Quality Show sticks in fun, trendy colors. Either in 54" or 60".
* comfort rubber grip *  Welded Tip * Quality Aluminum Shaft *


54" Zebra
54" Pink Leopard
54" Camo
54" Barb Wire
54" Zebra
60" Zebra
60" Pink Leopard
60" Camo
60" Barb Wire
60" Zebra
This strong plastic brush features a hacksaw type blade designed to aid in shedding cattle. Due to sharpness of the blade, we recommend this product be kept out of reach of young children and used under adult supervision. Handle adjust for desired fit. Available in Blue or Purple.
Blue $14.50
Purple $14.50
Great for pulling dead hair from the undercoat for a smooth overall coat, this comb features a 4" head with 29 evenly-spaced stainless steel teeth ideal for both thick and thin hair. The rounded tips of the teeth are not sharp and will not get caught or pull out the good, healthy hair. Stainless steel teeth. Durable steel Y frame won't bend or break. No-slip grip for safe handling.

Bloom N secret
Bloom-N-Secret is an easy to administer gel formula that is given before your show or sale to add mass and muscle volume. Bloom-N-Secret has amino acids and secret ingredients that help explode and expand the muscle of your show animal and give them a fresh appearance.

Bloom-N-Secret can be used on Lambs, Goats, Pigs, and can be given up to 3 days consecutively with no adverse effects. Bloom-N-Secret can be given to any age or weight animals and results will last up to 12 hours after initial 8 hours.

Bloom -N- Secret available in convenient single tube.
80 CC Tube - $19.95
Case of 12 tubes - $219.95
orange pump up sprayer Pump Up Sprayer - Heavy Duty Pump Up Sprayer. Ideal for spraying chemicals like fly spray or just to keep your show animals cool. This sprayer is completly rebuildable. We carry all the Parts.

$17.95 Save 10%

9 inch plastic grooming comb with Aluminum handle

Plastic teeth help to stimulate the hair coat. Easier on the skin and hair. Perfect for daily grooming at home or shows. Aluminum handle fits in your pocket better. Riveted together no more stripped screws.  Sale price $14.95 Save 25%

9 inch plastic fluffer comb with Aluminum handle

Plastic teeth help to stimulate the hair coat. Easier on the skin and hair. Perfect for daily grooming at home or shows. Aluminum handle fits in your pocket better. Riveted together no more stripped screws. Sale price $14.95 Save 25%



AGC Super 2 Speed C

Complete grooming is snap. Quiet, comfortable, ergonomically shaped. This clipper provided super fast cutting. Two speeds 4400 spm and low 3400 spm. Come with a 16' cord, #10 Blade and a Bottle of oil.

1 year warranty

MAROON $139.99 Sale

BLUE  $139.99 SALE

Lister Star Clipper- (Lister Shearing Equipment) Lighter weight than the Stablemate, but is    actually 33% more powerful. Triangular body design is narrower and easier for small hands to grip securely. Air filter is designed for easier cleaning, uses same blades as Stablemate and has lighter cord. Comes complete with the fine blades, case, brush, oil and grease.

$249.99 SALE PRICE

FIREPOWER ELECTROLYTES - (more information)

High energy electrolytes that keep your animal's muscles hydrated and fresh looking. Firepower will prevent dehydration, aid in rehydrating muscles, and give that pop before show. Feed 2 oz daily for two weeks prior to show as a top dress or in water. At show time give 5 oz in water 5 hours prior to show and again 2 hours prior to show. 

5 OZ BAG $6.95

32 OZ JAR $29.95


E-Z ALL FOAMER - Heavy duty shampoo foaming tool. Fill up with shampoo. No mixing required, The foamer is pre-set to spray just the right amount every time.. Just hook up to hose and go. With a quick connect nozzle the shampoo bottle comes off and allows you to rinse out easily.


Blue Pink Black


Blue Pink Black

E-Z ALL BODY WASH - A natural plant based shampoo. In just minutes loosens dirt and rinses easily away. It is abrasive free, so your animal's skin will be smooth and flake free. Simply, spray on with foaming tool, lightly lather in, and rinse off. Just a few ounces will clean the entire animal.

Quart - $14.99

Gallon - $29.99




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